Once again Engine Room has joined forces with documentarian James Younger and The Incubator to produce the graphics and animation for the third season of the Science Channel hit series, Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman.

Produced in conjunction with Freeman’s company Revelation Entertainment, Through the Wormhole explores the latest scientific theories behind the biggest topics of all. In the first and second seasons subjects were a mix of scientific and philosophical topics: Is there a Creator?, What is Dark Matter?, Where is the Edge to the Universe? Now in season three the focus is getting even more interesting, and controversial: Is the Universe Alive?, Can we Eliminate Evil?, Is there a Superior Race?

To help illustrate the latest theory’s Engine Room’s VFX supervisor Adam Simpson enlists many of the industry’s most visionary artistic talents. And as digital artists are often science buffs at heart, ER doesn’t have to look far to find collaborators who are passionate about the subject matter.
Setting the series off from the typical dry science doc show, Through the Wormhole producers and directors embraced many different graphic and animation styles throughout each episode. These range widely from photo-real rendered 3D CG to traditional hand illustrated and Flash animation sequences. The intention is to make the often lofty subject matters accessible to a very wide audience. Judging from the ratings jump, it’s working!

From the macro, as in a 90 second continuous sequence showing the Big Bang and all creation, to a micro journey inside the smallest particles ever detected, Engine Room enjoys the challenges required to bring this ambitious show to life. With the next ten episodes currently in production, be looking for more amazing scientific adventures coming from inside the Wormhole this Spring.