The Davinci CodeThe Davinci CodeThe Davinci Code

With only four weeks to deliver a mega concept theatrical teaser for one the most anticipated movies of next summer, film trailer powerhouse Intralink allied with Engine Room for the complete production execution of their groundbreaking piece of design and marketing genius. Premiering in theaters on the front of Star Wars Episode III without a frame from the actual film, the first DaVinci Code movie trailer takes theater audiences on an intriguing journey beneath the surface of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

ER combined a seamless mix of visionary art direction, live-action shooting and memorable CG effects to keep viewers guessing all the way. Dan Schmit served as Director/DP & VFX Supervisor while EP Michael Caplan helmed all aspects of the production thru post. Art Director Richard Amend brought an experienced painters eye, as CG Supervisor Andrew Honacker led a team of 3D Artists and Compositors on a race across the finish line. Executives at Sony Pictures and the filmmakers at Imagine Entertainment have labeled the piece "historic" for its stunning visuals and powerful emotional impact.