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It had been a while since Gary Hartley, Senior Creative Director at Fox Sports Graphics, had picked Engine Room as a production partner for his many sports graphics projects. There have been years past when ER had produced half a dozen live-action shoots or more for the department, but when he, and Exec Producer Cathy Perow got the Miller/Fox design boards approved by the client, they knew that it was a perfect project for Engine Room.

The result was three Miller/Fox “Taste Greatness Moment” game overlay graphics packages. Each consists of a :15 second introduction piece and a :30 second graphic bed for replay of “Taste Greatness Moments” from the game, for the entire Basketball, Baseball and Hockey seasons.

As the design contained both a graphic animation side and a live action component, both the Live Action and the Design arms of the studio teamed up on the project. The one-day Phantom Camera shoot involved assembling a seasoned liquids team to wrangle the beer and product elements. There was also a motion control element to move the camera on its specific path.

After a color session at Technicolor, ER veterans Eric Heavens and Dave Piedra then took over with the goal of bringing the design boards to life. After many weeks of animation, 3D and compositing the three packages were finally delivered and will air on many live sporting events throughout the coming year.