The Mentalist Season 2 Main TitleThe Mentalist Season 2 Main Title

CBS’s ratings juggernaut "The Mentalist", continues its roll into a second season with one change; the show’s producers called on Engine Room’s Design Division to up the ante with a new main title look. Designer Jason Fisher-Jones passed the test by delivering a stunning Blue Note inspired design that highlights the show’s unique style and signature edginess.

While in days gone by a primetime main title was something embellished for up to 45 seconds of screen time, these days networks aim to keep their viewers engaged by cutting them down to as little as 7 seconds or less. Today’s design challenge is therefore to create an experience that is compelling, fun to watch and delivers a memorable brand message fast. The new Mentalist main title successfully does all of that by capitalizing on iconic black & white images of protagonist, Simon Baker intermixed with cool vintage graphics.

The Mentalist Season 2 Main Title
The Mentalist Season 2 Main Title

The choice of who to tap for this task was an easy one as Engine Room has been the go-to company for the show’s visual effects since the first season. As a result, there was already an intimate trust between creator Bruno Heller and executive producer Chris Long and their Engine Room effects team. Executive Producer & VFX Supervisor Michael Caplan worked closely with all parties involved to capture the essence of the series in creating the compelling and classy new look.

Judging by the speed in which the piece shot through the network approval process, it is safe to say that the new open is here to stay and will remain a permanent part of the show for the run of the series. And based on its devoted fan base, “The Mentalist” will continue to entertain and keep viewers guessing for many more seasons to come.