Once in a while a good one comes along…. That was the case when Create Advertising of Culver City, CA reached out to Engine Room to shoot the release ad for Just Dance 4’s new Gangnam Style Edition. It was a rush production on an extremely tight deadline with only 3 days of prep, in other words it was right up ER’s alley.

The relationship between Create and Engine Room now spans half a dozen shooting projects. ER’s film unit is a perfect match for Create’s in-house creatives who regularly call for unique collaborations. This one involved recreating many of the costumes and gags from the Gangnam music video as well as casting look-a-likes for Psy and other members of the original music video cast.

Directed by Create’s own Jake Black, the spot was shot entirely at a residential location in Sherman Oaks, CA, and depicts a family and a group of friends as they blow the doors off with Gangnam’s crazy dance moves and over the top antics. End client Ubisoft was ecstatic with the final spot as the footage cut seamlessly with scenes from the original Gangnam Style music video.