Veteran writer/producer Yvonne Troxclair joined ER to pitch for an on-going project for Disney’s Partnership Marketing and Creative Division to air on Disney XD. Shortly thereafter the new What’s Up 2.0 series was awarded and quickly went into production.

“Working with Yvonne has been amazing. She collaborates on everything creative, from casting, to writing to on-set production” says ER owner Dan Schmit. “With our 13 years of experience and Yvonne’s 15 plus years writing and producing shoots, we make a bullet-proof team!”

What’s Up spots are :60 branded installments made exclusively for the DXD audience. The ER/Yvonne team have executed spots for Disney sponsors Activision, Mattel and Hasbro, supplying soup to nuts production from writing and shooting, to post audio and delivery.

Key to production is a stylistic loft set design, a clever combination of a re-occuring set pieces and virtual extensions. It’s surprising to discover how much is green screen, seamlessly composted by ER’s talented VFX artists.

So far, five episodes have been produced and they have all been a huge hit. Not only with Disney, but with their clients as well.

Be watching for more to come…

Watch the Spots:
Activision Skylanders
Spy Gear
Angry Birds
Hot Wheels