The Discovery Channel directive was to present larger than life ideas for the new show open of their flagship series Curiosity, and that is exactly what Engine Room came up with. Through a combination of unusual type design and visual effects, the team defined a series of prestigious landscapes, cityscapes and other distant locations to place huge iconic letters that together spell out the Curiosity show title. From a polar ice field, to a deep water ocean trench, to the launch of the Mars explorer and beyond, each individual letter is presented in its own geographic location, as if they naturally belong in the environments.

The background images themselves were produced using a combination of stock footage, custom environmental creations and visual effects compositing. Still photographs were brought to life with multi-plane camera movement and simulated physical effects. Some beautiful digital matte painting work was contributed by artist Ron Crabb, while Engine Room lead designer Todd Ingalls coalesced all the letters together into a specular galactic logo resolve.

Needless to say Discovery Channel is thrilled with the final result for their ambitious hit series, which premiered October 7th.