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In the race to complete the Oscar contender BLACK SWAN for its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the independent film producers Brian Oliver and John Breaux at Cross Creek Pictures turned to Engine Room to design a theatrical ID for their new production company.  The result is a slick noir style, black & white piece that perfectly accompanies Darren Aronofsky’s latest directorial masterpiece.

ER had been courting UK designer Allison Moore for several years and finally the Cross Creek project created the perfect opportunity to join forces.  ER and Moore worked closely to develop the client’s original concept of a period steam engine traversing a trestle bridge into storyboards before going into production.  A few short days later the first animation test was rendered and within a week the ER team presented the finished theatrical ID to the producers in a screening room at E-Film in Hollywood.  Oliver and Breaux were proud of the results and within a week the new Cross Creek Pictures ID premiered along with BLACK SWAN, to open the 2010 Venice Film Festival with appropriate fanfare.