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You know what's exciting about shooting? It's always a new challenge. Sometimes the challenge is budgetary, sometimes it has to do with schedule, and sometimes it involves how best to shoot an angry Bengal tiger lunging towards camera and living to tell about it. At Engine Room, we love a new challenge. And we're good at it. We've been providing innovative and award winning production solutions since 2001. Give us a call. Let us know how we can make your dreams come true.

New Collaborations: What's Up on Disney XD image

New Collaborations: What's Up on Disney XD

Veteran writer/producer Yvonne Troxclair joined ER to pitch for an on-going project for Disney's Partnership Marketing and Creative Division to air on Disney XD. Shortly thereafter the new What's Up 2.0 series was awarded and quickly went into production. So far, five episodes have been produced and become hits with Disney, and their clients as well.

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